Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Death. The Big Picture.

Our world spins so fast, seldom do we remember to hold on, seldom do we say what we truly feel, seldom do we understand just how fast life comes and how fast it goes. A year ago today Eric McGraw died of unexpected kidney failure, a devastation went through the entire FUMC-RR youth group. Less then three months later Stephanie Ridings mom lost her battle with Hepatitis C, a disease she passed along to Stephanie at birth. Merely weeks later Marc Morales unintentionally killed himself while trying to play the choking game that his friends had taught him at school. Shock fled through the Stony Point School System. In March we lost Katie Ewing as her fight with cancer ended while her amazing story of survival continues on. On Monday Round Rock High School Junior Devyn Michelle Kimbell died from injuries sustained when she was hit by a car crossing the street late Sunday night. This is just our generation, our small knit community, things like this are happening everyday. The world seems to forget.
Death has played a huge part in making me who I am, I've had to learn, and grow as I lost both those we expected to lose, as well as those we thought had years left in them.
I'm in a funk right now, just thinking about a lot of things, wish I had some important cool kid blog to post, but I don't.
I'm sorry for that...
I just have a lot of thinking to do...

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Taylor Broussard said...

I've Known Devyn Since I Was Born.
I Am Thirteen Now, And Just Trying To Deal With her Death.